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Keynotes & Worksessions


We provide leadership speakers for business with 20-40 min high impact keynotes to get people thinking. Challenge people to consider new ways of leading…with more ‘soul’.  As well as the best keynote speeches, perhaps add one or two of our 60-180 minute masterclasses to your programme. Packed with action planning guides & tangible take-outs.  We also combine our sessions for longer ‘retreat’ experiences of two or three days.

We often use our work with the American Express Community Stadium as a backdrop.  Much more than just a speech on football. It is the story of how a new stadium is developed to deliver history making sales and attendance increases.  A story of how a board of directors, leaders and staff connect with the soul of the stadium, the Club and the public. How this enabled the team to achieve history making sales and attendance increases…in two short years. 

Our tools and methods are used with a range of other major national and international brands and have been developed over the past 35 years. Therefore our sessions are highly practical and grounded in real success.

In The Customers' ShoesDriving Your Business with Soul

What are the steps you can take to build a business that is driven from a clear ethos while agile enough to develop fast?  What is coaching teams about in the today’s workplace?

“Thanks so much for a really inspiring session yesterday. The feedback was excellent, and we really appreciated the gift of the batons.” Mike Wilsher, Executive Foundation

Leading with Soul

In 35 years experience, we’ve uncovered five proven principles that great leaders often apply in transforming teams? We explain the principles and how-to of active participation and how to be an effective team leader.

“Thank you for such an inspiring keynote.” Cathy Brown, Executive Director, Engage for Success

Speak with Presence and Impact

How can you be an inspirational speaker in your role? We can explore common barriers to communication and how to overcome them. Then you can adopt some of the tips and tactics to help you give the best keynote speeches. This can help you engage audiences with ‘the real you’ as a presenter and storyteller.  In this way, you can connect with people without relying so heavily on copious slide decks.

 “The training was great and the feedback received was excellent.” Aneliya Stoyanova, Head of Internal Communications, Progress IT.

“I was always very self-conscious and shy in front of crowds which really impacted the communication of my work and effectively my grades. After working with Nicholas Brice and 360 Degree Vision, I am proud to say, I have received a First Class for my third year design project. Along with winning awards for my work and presentation skills.” Jennifer Loder, Design Student.

Living with Soul

Explore some principles and practices to help you find the meaning and magic – at home and at work. This will help you live a more ‘soulful’ life and connect with the deeper parts of you and others. See how everyone can play a role in mentoring and coaching in the workplace and at home.

Interactive ‘Games’ & Experiences

Develop real innovation through an Idea Navigator session. Perhaps explore how to lead with Emotional Intelligence with our EI Activator. We also have a wide repertoire of other engagement methods. We can help add real impact and memorability to our sessions.