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Edutainment: The Key to Exciting, Engaging Content

How many times have you watched a panel or listened to a speaker only to fall asleep a few minutes in because the way they delivered their information was just too boring?

The fact is that no matter who you are, you want to be entertained, engaged, and inspired when it comes to taking in information. And, let’s be honest, nobody wants to read facts, figures, or projections on a slide deck.

Edutainment is about creating a two-way connection with those you’re trying to reach, keeping them yearning to know more and having a good time in the process.

Great for adding to a keynote for impact, reinforcing key messages at corporate functions, and presenting information in the business world, you can energise your audience and help them refocus on the present and the future and what needs to be done.

Live and In Person

One of the biggest factors behind Edutainment is that as a presenter you’re putting on a live performance in the present moment. Sure, you can create videos and short films that can get people engaged, but there’s nothing more effective that capturing hearts and minds and retaining an audience’s attention like real-time, live engagement.

Edutainers typically work to develop a unique performance for each client, delivering a sketch, a song, and even a dance to express the information you want to share in an informative, yet engaging way.

Better yet, the best live performance groups can also involve your people or audience members, which creates even more awareness because people enjoying seeing their friends, coworkers, or bosses up front and being part of the process – especially when there’s more than a few laughs involved, or even the odd tear!

Our sister companies White Room Theatre and Bite-Size Plays (Bite-Size website click here) can help add a real edge to your events. With industry awards and 5-star press acclaim for our Festival Productions, we have a proven track record in creating and delivering great performances.

Immerse people in the voice of key customers of employees, create a powerful metaphor, analogy or story to reinforce a key message or principle.

Our team of writers can bring any communication to life.

Case Studies of Edutainment in Action

One recent client of ours, a marketing services company wanted something at their December conference that would reinforce the importance of thinking about customers as different people, each with their own set of needs and expectations. Combining this with some fun references to people at the company, we created ‘BUMS’ (see main above). This centered on an imaginary conversation between Shakespeare and Burbage about how best to get different kinds and more ‘bums in seats’ in the Globe! A lot of fun, as well as reinforcing the importance of identifying the needs of mission critical customer types.

Edutainment is also very effective in helping stir passions and achieve better emotional engagement. When you understand the concepts and principles underlying a problem, issue or situation, you naturally begin to care about the matter at hand. This is key for successful employee engagement!

We’ve worked with Southern and Scottish Water to develop an interactive play intended to communicate to children and their families the importance of being careful what they put down the toilet! This play won 5-star press recognition at the Edinburgh Festival and performed at a number of other community communication events – where people of all ages were invited to become Secret Sustainability Agents and come with our performers – ‘DOWN THE TOILET’!

So if you’re seeking to drive engagement amongst your employees and other stakeholders, consider including some immersive experiences to achieve – edutainment!