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Business Leadership Begins with Soul 

Why drive your business with soul? Today’s business world is often volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA). This means above all you will need a strong, well-directed team and win the support of key stakeholders to tackle the challenges that arise along the way.

To get results you need to become a leader that instils confidence and inspires people to believe in the work that they’re doing. Therefore you will need to create the right initiatives that will deliver real value to the business: how you speak, how you lead, how you act.

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Creating a Culture of Performance

“This is the best conference I’ve ever experienced.” Frank Rich (former Head of Disney & Paramount Studios)

Anyone can “be in charge”. However this is not how best to implement change within a team with agility and energy. 

Being an effective leader today requires the ability to seamlessly juggle people, brands, experiences, products, and services. Furthermore, they need to create an atmosphere where people care about what they do. 

In the modern enterprise, leaders and teams need to deliver innovative brands and experiences that stand out, which begins and ends with:

  • A strong, well-managed and engaged team of people
  • Innovative products, services, and digital touchpoints
  • Responsive customer engagement
  • Lean, efficient, and collaborative workplaces
  • The ability to adapt quickly and efficiently
  • Knowing how to implement change within a team

“Nicholas Brice is a thoughtful, inventive, flexible and excellent presenter and facilitator. He works closely with organisations to tailor his ideas and presentations to clients’ needs. He sets out very clearly what he wants to achieve from sessions. His sessions are bright, fun and engaging and his presentation skills are very charismatic.  In all Sky felt very happy with the events he managed and we would have no hesitation in using 360DV again.”  James Hunt, Director Entertainment, Production & Sky Arts HD, BSkyB

Learning to Be Great Starts Today

Business leaders and high-powered professionals are often great at overcoming technical challenges. They develop and execute programmes for marketing, operations, connecting digitally with customers, and expanding their inter-connected business networks. However, bringing people together and finding the true value in each one can be a very different challenge.

In fact, research by TLF reveals, as an average across a sample of 2700 adults, that for each team of 10 people:

  • Only three (3) are fully on board
  • Five (5) are “just present”
  • And two (2) are actively disengaged

This means that as few as 30% may be providing the kind of focused teamwork and driven attitude that your business needs to be successful. Similarly, findings from CBI ‘Ostriches and Magpies’ research show that 70% of businesses are falling behind in adopting new technologies. This means a lack of use of the tools that can bring teams together. Without teams who can come together effectively, performance suffers. In addition, anxiety, stress, and depression are climbing steadily across all industries (Workplace Options international study of over 100,000 people).

The big takeaway for leaders still comes from Harvard Business Review’s report that up to 70% of change initiatives fail to meet their objectives. The research concludes that failure is down to ‘people factors’ – which in the main stem from the leaders we are.

We’re a team of experienced speakers, facilitators and consultants. We can provide speakers for small groups, for large groups and small teams of skilled consultants to support implementation over time…


What We Do

“Real engagement achieved over a few sessions of input and experiential activity. Totally reliable over 10 years working with us.” Mike Greenwood, Programme Leader BAE Systems – WMG Commercial & Procurement Learning Programme

We add value:

Health Checks: identify what’s working & what’s holding you back.
Keynotes & Interactive Sessions: engage people with what’s possible

VerbatimPlayback®: explore the inner voice of customers & employees through actor-based immersions to add authenticity

Coaching & Project Support: for key people in the process

Drive Your Business with Soul

We’ve developed an in-depth, engaging format of keynotes, masterclasses and support consultancy. Though initiatives springing from these, leaders can identify and tackle the more obscure, complex and variable people challenges that often derail otherwise well-intentioned change initiatives.

Your staff, teams, and even customers need to believe in your business to drive your success. In other words, they all need to feel great about doing business with you.

Learn what it means to create an energy level that’s less about salary or perks.  Find the deeper motivations that come from how someone feels about themselves, their leaders, and the people around them.   Daniel Goleman’s research reveals that 70% of a work climate comes from the team leader’s behaviour. To get the right climate, we need leaders who can display the right actions and way of speaking to their people.

You can take concrete steps to help people connect with a true sense of purpose and find real value in the work that they do. You can also support them with the personal freedom to express themselves with confidence as they grow.

In conclusion, this is your chance to explore the methods of some of the best leaders we’ve seen in action and what research is telling us. Explore how to better connect with people, with all levels of staff, to create deeper levels of motivation and build high-performing teams who can drive your business forward…with Soul.

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